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avgdl (ex Clumsy Engine)

01.2018 - now | perl/python | gitlab

an interesting concept for a video game engine the aim is to make video games spending as little time as possible.

interpret world project

04.2017 - 07.2017 | C program | unfinished

my new project to make the development of a video game even faster and easier. the project has been abandoned, however it formed the bases for the clumsy engine project.

ddt - deedee tools

06.2016 - 2017 | C library | alpha

tools to aid in game development. the aim of these tools is to add an abstract layer at drawing graphics, in such a way that it would be possible for a game to be made once and compile everywhere (even on devices/platforms that do not exist yet). it also includes a custom rasterizer, in order to allow 3d graphics even on devices that do not support it. (so far it’s only on a software level).

byte world project

02.2017 - 04.2017

a project to create 3d graphics, while avoiding floats. although I’m mainly making this to practise the math behing rasterization, my aim with this project is to make “lightweight” 3d graphics, that can run even on a software level. obviously a game without floats has lots of limitations (especially on rotations) but I find it creative

update: this project has been fused with ddt and is no longer active

dark dimension launcher

01.2015 - 08.2015 | android launcher | google play

android launcher, focused on launching apps fast and with little power consumption. very small in size, and unique project.

update: project has been abandoned, there are a few bugs, but the launcher kinda works

tta - text to animation

03.2016 - 03.2016 | C program | unfinished

project to create animations using text. the logic is that you describe in a file how objects animate inside a scene, and the program renders it.

update: the project is left unfinished. i might continue it sometime later.

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