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Inspired by different events.

Madness Again

hand drawn, digital coloring | gimp

Madness Again drawing

The feeling of admiring a flower, which can never become yours, as it would much rather float away.


2021.02.03 - Wed 06:01


hand drawn, digital coloring | gimp

Blur drawing

When a lot of things are happening at the same time, it all comes together in a blurry state, and makes everything worse.


2019.10.26 - Sat 12:48

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Lost Crown

hand drawn, digital coloring | gimp

Lost Crown drawing

The person with the patched clothes does not need the crown anymore. Even though it's a gift, it has to be discarded.


2019.06.02 - Sun 13:29

Laugh Cry

hand drawn, digital coloring | gimp

Laugh Cry drawing

Describes the feeling of wanting to laugh and cry at the same time


2019.02.19 - Tue 21:13

Watery Fun

hand drawn, digital coloring | gimp

Watery Fun drawing

Playing games, even when the situation is dire.


2018.11.04 - Sun 23:52

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